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Automating data access governance during furlough

Another unexpected challenge created by the pandemic relates to furloughs and how to keep your data secure whilst team members are not active. What is your business doing with them? Are you disabling and then re-enabling accounts when they come back? What if they come back but in a new role?

Having an automated solution such as Torsion makes it easy to restrict access when needed, control the amount of data ‘sprawl’ and ensure users have access to the right information as soon as they return.

Inactive accounts

It’s common for businesses not to manage inactive user accounts effectively, which means that furloughed staff are still able to access company data. There are several scenarios in which an employee might choose to log back into their account, or their device might not be as secure during this period.

Either way, if a company fails to promptly manage inactive user accounts, there’s a chance that someone could gain unauthorised access to company data.

The Torsion solution can automate the restriction of access for specific team members and also reinstate access automatically when they return.

New roles post furlough

Businesses may have to re-assign responsibilities and roles when workers return and so to ensure each employee can start working in their new roles, businesses need to make sure each business user has access to the right files and folders.

Doing this manually can be far too time consuming; first establishing who needs access to what information; then updating permissions manually; and finally revoking that access once it is no longer needed.

By automating the process with Torsion, businesses can quickly and easily ensure their users have appropriate access to the data they need without compromising their data security.

Covering furlough

It’s probably the case that team members are having to cover certain roles and responsibilities whilst their colleagues are furloughed. However, if access is not revoked when these temporary roles end, it leads to out of control access and potential security breaches.

Within the Torsion platform, businesses can grant temporary access to files and folders for a set period of time. Torsion automatically works out what information a team member might need, in addition to their existing permissions, and grants them access for a fixed number of days. At the end of the period the access is automatically revoked.

Proving you are in control

Whatever data access governance policies you choose to adopt for furloughed staff, Torsion can ensure that you can prove to any auditors who has access to what information, when and why – all with a simple export or report.



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