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Are you regularly revoking data access?

Data sprawl refers to the staggering amount of data produced every day; estimated to be 40% year on year.

Given that security weak spots will grow inline with data sprawl, organisations must carefully consider how to best manage their volume of data access.

Having visibility is the first step to being able to control data access and data sprawl within an organisation. We then need to systematically revoke access when it is no longer appropriate or relevant. This is a huge issue for most organisations, results in a one-way surge in data sharing; with more and more files being shared but none being revoked to counteract the sprawl.

And it is often these files and access, that are out of date or hidden from governance, that present the largest security risks. If nobody knows they are there or who has access to them, then how can a business be in control of securing that data.

The problem with revoking access on a regular basis however, comes down to resources for most enterprises. It’s just not possible for the IT team or Data Governance Officer to manually monitor who should have access to what, and whether access is still current for each and every piece of information.

Automating the monitoring of files, folders and sites is key to having more visibility and control. Torsion does exactly that and is able to spot any anomalies or inappropriate sharing. If it spots anything that doesn’t look quite right it flags it to the data owner and depending on the sensitivity level of the information, shuts down the security risk immediately. Torsion continuously revokes access to obsolete or time sensitive information so only current and relevant access remains. Organisations can be confident they are back in control and staying on top of their data sprawl.

In our next blog we take a look at some of the scenarios in which you might revoke data access.

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