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How Torsion is Different to:

I.T. Admin Tools

Tools for I.T. Administrators to control data access, all have the same fundamental issue.

For someone to make security decisions for any information, they need to really understand what the information is.

How Can Anyone Really Understand the Information if They Weren't Involved in it?

Good security decisions are based on the sensitivity and purpose of the information itself.

IT teams tend to work with technology systems, tools and processes.

Business users tend to work with individual files, folders and sites, managed inside those systems.

So, it is difficult for IT teams to understand the sensitivity and purpose of individual files and sites, because they aren’t usually involved with them.

Access Control Tools for I.T. Admins Empower the Wrong People

IT teams are great at a lot of things. Its just that mindreading isn’t usually one of them.

Many other tools put IT Administrators in charge of controlling access to files, folders and sites.

They effectively ask administrators to make important security decisions, based on guesses  about the sensitivity and purpose of the information.

By empowering the wrong people, the security and protection provided by those tools is compromised.

Torsion Empowers Business Users, Supported by I.T.

The people in the best position to understand the sensitivity and purpose of the information are the business users who are closest to it.

Torsion engages the data owners in the business, about security for their own information.

IT teams can monitor the system, while Torsion works with the business users to carefully maintain ‘who has access to what’ for you.