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A step by step guide to automating your data governance with Torsion

If automating your data governance sounds like a major project, or transferring responsibility of data security from IT to where it’s needed (your business users) sounds daunting, then think again.

Torsion is integrating our data governance software to the desktops of thousands of data owners in such a way that it doesn’t impact day to day tasks or create any additional touch points.

Here is our step by step guide on how Torsion works, from installation to full compliance of your data governance:

Step 1: Installation

We create a unique, isolated Torsion tenant for every customer, and then securely connects that tenant to your existing sharing platform e.g. Microsoft 365, cloud-based File Shares, on-premises File Shares, SharePoint etc. This can be done in a matter of hours and entirely remotely.

Step 2: The automated monitoring begins

Torsion starts monitoring everything in the background. We watch every file, folder, Team, site and user and every instance of a person having access to a piece of data, and when they actually access it.

We’re looking for insights. The needles in the haystack. Pinpointing security issues like:

  • a person has access to a document that they shouldn’t have
  • a site, Team or folder is configured in a way that is breaching your data governance policies.
  • a file has been uploaded to the wrong location, giving the wrong people access to that information.

Step 3: Easy & fast notifications

When we find a problem, we need is a tiny bit of human validation. We send the data owner a quick notification with two simple choices – fix it, or ignore it. It’s 2 seconds, in and out.

Step 4: Torsion fixes any security issues

How we fix the problem depends on what it is. If the wrong person had access to a file, Torsion revokes their access. If the Team or Site configuration was breaching the data governance policy, Torsion corrects the configuration. If the file didn’t belong there, Torsion quarantines the file.

Step 5: Export a full compliance report

Torsion captures everything from who has access, why and when, to any issues it found and how they were fixed. Our customers can provide a full audit trail of how they are in control of their data governance at the press of a button.

To find out more about Torsion or to start a free trial contact our sales team at

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