Torsion announces patent-pending technology for automatically controlling data access 

Torsion is excited to announce that we have had our patent application filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the core technology underlying our data access security solution.

The technology provides a layer of intelligent automation of ‘who has access to what’ within cloud-based collaboration systems such as Microsoft 365. It automatically controls access to digital resources based on understanding the business reasons why a person needs access and their ever-changing professional circumstances. This allows Torsion to automatically control access and permissions across millions of resources and thousands of staff, with precision, at massive scale, in real time.

“Torsion’s Patent-Pending technology is a breakthrough for businesses wanting to automate the process of understanding and controlling who has access to what data, to keep data secure, and to prove that control under audit, to simplify compliance.” said Peter Bradley, CEO and Founder of Torsion. “This is a key advancement in the world of DSPM and Data Access Governance at a time where the volume of data shared in the cloud is rising exponentially.”

Tobias West, CTO at Torsion adds: “Until an organisation knows why a person has access to a specific piece of information, there is no way they can control that access. The cloud has catapulted data sharing into another dimension and our technology is the key piece of automation that can move the responsibility of permissions and file sharing away from IT and back into the hands of the data owner.”