About Torsion Information Security

Minimising insider security risk, and simplifying compliance - with precise, intelligent, automated information access control.


Torsion Information Security was founded in 2013 in London, UK by CEO Peter Bradley.

Peter has spent over 13 years as a consultant specializing in secure information management. His deep understanding of the nature of information flow and lifecycle in organisations enables him to make a powerful and effective contribution to the information security discussion

Torsion was born of frustration with the way in which companies tend to manage content access - the countless individual configurations which allow or deny access for a particular person to a particular document or file.

The idea behind Torsion was to take security best practices from military and advanced technical environments, simplify them, and make them work for the everyday interactions that people in organisations have with business information.


Moving Forward

We are based in the UK and Australia, giving us a global reach and focus. Our partners provide local expertise around the world.

Our senior team at Torsion brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in information security, SharePoint and IT Management.

We look forward to the opportunity to discussing how our solutions can help your organisation soon.

Controlling insider risk, automatically

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